$24.99 $45.99
Here is another one of our popular selling products, the Easy Cleaning Magic Mop. Our customers are writing and telling us how much it has made cleaning up around the house a breeze. With a 360 degree rotating head, making it so easy to get under the hard to reach area's. Also getting into the very narrow area's in-between furniture and tight places around your home.

* Easy Cleaning Magic Mop with a flat design head, spins with a 360 rotation. Allowing you access around furniture, table legs. Mop your floors wet or dry to a sparkle shine.
* Flat Mop innovative: Washing and squeezing has never before been made so easy. The Easy Cleaning Magic Mop will save you hours of time.
* The microfiber mop is made of white and grey microfiber with an interwoven fabric. Providing a super soft feel on your floors.
* Mop handle has a ergonomic design and has a super long handle, no need to bend over when mopping your floor.
* Suitable for Any Floor Cleaning: Easy Cleaning Magic Mop is designed to be used as a dust mop for cleaning dirt, dog, cat, and other pet hair. Use it as a wet mop to clean hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, kitchen, and bathrooms.
* Estimated shipping time: 10-14 business days.
Easy Cleaning Magic Mop
$24.99 $45.99

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