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Our Microfiber Cloth Window Cleaning Tool was designed to provide you an easy access when getting into those impossible angles inside the car. Especially when trying to clean the extra larger front windshields that the car manufactures install in today's newer models. Your worries are over! Never again will you need to extend your arms, trying to reach those corners of each window. With the extendable handle and microfiber cloth' perfect match makes a complete contact to the glass and allows you to reach into corners and other hard to reach areas. After using this Microfiber Cloth Window Cleaning Tool to clean the interior windows, it feels like driving a brand new car!

* Microfiber Cloth Window Cleaning Tool can be fitted with a microfiber cloth cover on the cleaning head. Long handle with rotating head makes cleaning easy.
* Material: The Microfiber Cloth brush kit includes 2 removable washable microfiber cloth covers (no need for throw away wipes and pads) The brush head and the handle is made from ABS plastic which is sturdy and durable.
* Color & Size: Microfiber Cloth Window Cleaning Tool comes in a variety of colors (Orange, blue, Gun gray, Light blue and Red). The product size measures (L x W x H): 1.5" x .5" x .33"
* Multi-Usage: Pivoting Microfiber Cloth Window Cleaning Tool is designed for your convenience. Besides cleaning your car's windshield, you can also use it to clean those hard to reach windows in your house, mirrors, television screen, glass table tops, and more...
* Estimated shipping time: 10-14 business days.

Microfiber Cloth Window Cleaning Tool
$17.99 $28.99

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